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The Coaching Workshop has been completed by over 10,000 participants in 39 countries

"This workshop has helped equip me in my ability to empower others through the questions I ask them and through drawing out what the Holy Spirit is already doing."


Chief Wellness Officer, Communitas International
Why the Coaching Workshop?
"I highly recommend The Coaching Workshop as a valuable and cost effective step to gain ministry effectiveness.”


Pilot & church lay leader

The Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders

Direct Less, Empower More, And Multiply Your Impact

Coaching skills will increase your effectiveness in your various ministry and leadership roles. With 10,000 workshop participants in 39 countries this course has a proven track record and people who take this workshop see significant advancements in their ministry impact, while seeing their stress and busy-ness go down.

Coaching is not a new program for your church or another thing to add to your already busy schedule. It is an approach to doing ministry. It’s a more effective way of leading.

The course is very practical and interactive, with lots of skills practice built in. It’s not a lecture.

Not just the basics…

Based on the book, The COACH Model for Christian Leaders, this workshop is made for those who are experienced as well as those who are not-so-experienced in coaching skills.

Over the course of 6 sessions you will become familiar with the COACH Model® and use it to coach other participants. By the end of the course you will have the skills and the confidence to use coaching in your work and home contexts.

Topic and skills covered in this practical and interactive workshop:
- How to listen actively so others feel you understand them.
- How to ask powerful questions that initiate a change of thinking.
- How to generate feedback that avoids defensiveness.
- How to design action steps that will actually be accomplished.
- How to follow-up to increase learning and accountability.

Join the Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders and get practical leadership skills training!

Upgrade your experience…

This workshop is a professional-level training. In order to make the training as accessible as possible we have separated the cost of International Coach Federation (ICF) training credits from the course. After taking the Coaching Workshop participants can Upgrade their training experience for US $450 to the 'Coaching Workshop Certificate Program' to gain 21 ICF training credits and other bonus materials, and continue training to earn a professional coach credential. 
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Upcoming events

The Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders
Six Wednesdays from Jan 19 to Feb 23, 2022
Time: 18.00-21.30 CET // 09.00 - 12:30pm PST

Online, in English - $349 Early Bird (£275 / €300)

Save your EARLY BIRD spot!

The Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders
Six Wednesdays from March 9 to Apr 20, 2022  
Time: 18:00 - 21:30 CET 

Online, in Swedish - 3450 sek Early Bird

Save your EARLY BIRD spot!

The Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders
Six Wednesadys from May 4 to Jun 8, 2022 
Time: 10:00 - 13:30 CEST // 18:00 - 21.30 AEST

Online, in English - $349 Early Bird (£275 / €300)

Save your EARLY BIRD spot!

The Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders
Six Wednesadys from May 4 to Jun 8, 2022 
Time: 18:00 - 21:30 CEST // 09:00 - 12:30 PDT

Online, in English - $349 Early Bird (£275 / €300)

Save your EARLY BIRD spot!

The Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders in Swedish is the first ICF accredited coach training with a Christian profile in Sweden!

"I'm very thankful for having attended this course. Eye-opening, equipping and inspiring! Steph is a great instructor."


Worship Leader, Vineyard
“The Coaching Workshop changed the way I think about personal interactions. I used to think I had to fix everyone and everything. Now I have the mindset of being a guide and coach rather than a fixer.”


Pastor in Brisbane, Australia

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Develop your team and organisation by equipping people with coaching skills. We have been tailoring and facilitate coach training workshops, inspiration- and team building days, online and live since 2016. Our training, facilitation, individual and group coaching is equally available in English and Swedish. 
We work with you and for you to shape solutions that nail your goals.
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"We researched a number of coaching programs before enrolling in the Coaching Workshop. It definitely delivered beyond my expectations!"




Movementum Coach Training exists to equip Christian leaders with powerful coaching skills for an impactful ministry, movement and momentum, personally and for those they serve.

Stephanie is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and a licensed trainer of the Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders. She has been involved in church planting, leadership and leadership development for thirteen years and is responsible for coach training and development for Forge Europe. Mattias has been involved with education, leader training and organisational development for eighteen years, and is an appreciated speaker on culture, church planting and the missional church. Together they serve as Senior Pastors of Stockholm Vineyard, are founders and directors of Forge Sweden, a missional pioneer training school, and coaches with the 5Q Collective.

Stephanie Neve

Certified Coach (ACC) and licensed Coach trainer

Mattias Neve

Certified Persolog® DISC trainer

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